Glen Burnie Divorce Modifications Lawyer Assists with Agreements

There are several different types of agreements parties can enter into.

Many parties enter into a voluntary and mutual Separation Agreement in order to resolve all of the issues existing with regard to their divorce.  Doing so allows the parties to ensure their needs and wants are addressed.  However, there are those who cannot reach an agreement and, thus, the terms of their divorce are decided by a Judge in Court.  However, even if your case is contested when filed in Court, the Court process allows for mediation, settlement conferences, custody evaluations, and other assistance such that many cases are able to settle.

Many people do not realize with or without a separation agreement, and even if you agree on all the issues, a divorce cannot be finalized until one of the parties files with the Court.

You do not need to wait until your marriage is ending to enter into an agreement.  We can also assist you with preparing Prenuptial Agreements before you get married and with Postnuptial Agreements after you have gotten married.

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