Glen Burnie Attorneys Handle Child Custody and Support Cases

Protecting your rights in a divorce

The lawyers at Forman Clothier Law Group, LLC, have helped families in Annapolis, Severna Park, Severn, Baltimore, and throughout Maryland for more than 40 years to reach fair divorce settlements. Unlike years ago, the Courts do not recognize a “maternal preference.”  Rather, custody issues are determined “in the best interests of the children.”

Understanding child custody determinations in Maryland

In Maryland, the guiding principle for child custody determinations is the best interests of the child.  Both fathers and mothers have an equal opportunity to receive custody of their children, provided that it is in their child’s best interest.  One parent may have sole custody, or it may be shared between the parties.

Making changes to an Order when circumstances change.

With more than 40 years of experience, the lawyers at Forman Clothier Law Group, LLC have seen that an Order rarely means that all issues are settled forever.  While every effort is made to foresee potential changes in your life, even the most experienced attorneys cannot predict the course your life will take several years into the future.  Despite those changes, however, you are still bound by that Order until and unless it is modified  If necessary, we can help you file for modifications with the Courts in the appropriate circumstances.

Explaining visitation in Maryland

Maryland Code permits grandparents and other third parties, like stepparents, to file for visitation rights. However, the visitation is typically only granted if the parent consents or the grandparent, or other third party, can show the parent is unfit. Because parental rights are a fundamental right, they are superior to those of a grandparent or other third party.

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